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China Tours-Euroland travel condition and terms (STO Garant)

 Euroland travel condition and terms (STO Garant)

1. STO Garant

In order to comply with the legally required guarantee, Eurolandtravel ( uses STO Garant on all its package holidays. STO Garant will ensure, in case of suspension of payment or bankruptcy of [Name of organization], depending on which stage the trip is in, that you receive your money back, you can continue your journey and if the travel agreement return journey, you will be repatriated.

2. The payment procedure

In order to be able to realize this guarantee, STO Garant makes use of the third-party payment scheme of Certo Escrow B.V. (Certo Escrow). As a traveler you do not pay the travel sum to [Name organization] but you pay this to the Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow. Certo Escrow, a payment service provider registered with the Nederlandsche Bank, manages this foundation.

For all bookings the full travel sum must be paid before departure to the Stichting Derdengelden Certo Escrow.

Your travel sum is automatically released to Eurolandtravel ( 1 day after the end of your trip.