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Euroland Travel

Euroland Travel was founded in 2003 with the principle of honesty, trust and continuous improvement. Euroland Travel has gained high reputation within the overseas Chinese society, the academia and the students union in the Netherlands for its quality service and its business has been steadily increasing. Euroland Travel is member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has established excellent partner relationships with many airlines.

The business Goals of Euroland Travel are: Cooperation, Development and Learning.


Business range:

- Flight tickets to China and other Asian countries;

- Visa application to China;

- Tours (groups and individual) to China;

- Business visits and tours from China to Europe (included: Chinese tour guide, hotel and bus arrangements).

We have cooperative contracts with a number of 3,4 and 5 star hotels. For details, please see: www.eurolandtravel.com


Headquarter in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is the fifths largest city in the Netherlands, the IT center or the Silicon Valley of Europe. Its high-tech companies, Philips, ASML, etc. have close co-operations with and in China. All the cities in the Noord-Braband province have sister cities in the Jiangsu Province in China. So that the business, trade and culture exchange go on frequently among them.


Eindhoven is located in the central south of the Netherlands as well as in the middle of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The distances to the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, the Belgium International Airport and the Düsseldorf International Airport are almost the same, i.e., a little more than one hour drive. This location advantage makes it easy for our customers to choose departure from any one of the three airports.   


The Hague Office

In order to offer convenience and to ensure visa service to its customers, Euroland Travel has opened its office in The Hague in the well known Wahdo Hotel/Long Ting restaurant in the China Town of The Hague. The opening hours of the The Hague office are 12:30–20:30. Customers from the The Hague area are welcome for a visit at office hours or to call beyond office hours (Mobile number: 06-24609979).


Köln Office, Germany

With its business expansion in Germany, Euroland Travel merged and invested in the oldest and largest Chinese travel agency – Lily Travel Germany. Lily Travel is the first Chinese travel agency in Germany which obtained the IATA qualification for immediate ticket booking and issuing. For over 20 years, Lily Travel has been serving with heart and soul the overseas Chinese, the Chinese students, the Chinese enterprises as well as the German business and tourists to China. Its high-quality service and good performance made it, with honor, to be appointed as one of the few travel agencies in Germany to sell Special Offers of over ten airline companies. Lily Travel has the best offers to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South East Asian countries. With this merging, Euroland Travel’s contacts with the airlines are strengthened and its sales networks are enlarged.


24 hours online Booking System

The online booking system www.gogochina.com provides the customers with more convenience, speed and price advantage.

Chinese as well as European tour groups to China

Euroland Travel is one of the travel agencies that arrange the most tour groups to China. In average we served around 500 persons per year (groups plus individuals) who went to visit China for business or for leisure. This number is increasing steadily…


Close Relationship with Overseas Chinese and Chinese Associations

Euroland Travel has established long-term partnerships and mutual trust relationships with the following associations and it sponsors their activities:

-          Netherlands Association of Engineers / Microelectronics Forum

-          The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands

-          The Confucius Institute in Leiden University

-          Overseas Chinese Circle

-          The Chinese Embassy


When the Shanghai World Expo was held in 2009, Euroland Travel was the only travel agency in the Netherlands that was invited by the Shanghai Expo Committee to attend relevant meetings. To support the Expo’s activities and to encourage European and Chinese students and scholars visiting the Shanghai Expo, Euroland Travel bought in total 500 Expo tickets and gave them away as gifts for those who flied with us to visit the Expo ‘09 in Shanghai. 


Trustworthy Working Style

Euroland Travel concerns its customers in accordance with the traditional Chinese saying, “treating our customers in the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves”; “what we do not want done to ourselves, do not do to others.” The flight schedules we recommend to our customers are always the most suitable and the best benefit for the guests. 


Euroland Travel always keeps its promise: In the tourism industry there are a lot of unpredictable uncertainty and sudden changes, but the management and employees always try to keep their promises. Once an agreement with a customer is reached, Euroland Travel would fulfill its promise, even if the situation changes and it may cost us money.

Moreover, Euroland Travel is having a responsible attitude towards the customers and the market. It never drives up prices during the peak season nor lets the customer wait in frustration when he/she missed the flight.




Qualified Management Team

Chairman: Mr. Richard Noetzel, PhD from the Max Planck Institute in Germany holds a tenure position at a top European University.


General Manager: Ms. Junfang Wang, MBA from the University of Twente (UT).

Euroland Travel has high competent ticketing consultants and tour operators. Staff all holds Bachelor’s or Master's degree from the university in the Netherlands or in other European countries.



STO Garant guarantee and Euroland Travel


Each travel package from Euroland Travel is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme at www.sto-garant.nl/en/downloads. You will receive an email from STO Garant (info@sto-garant.nl) containing information about how you can pay for this booking. You will receive a confirmation email from STO Garant for each payment received. You can find all information relating to STO Garant at www.sto-garant.nl/en.

Each separate travel service of Euroland Travel is NOT covered by STO Garant guarantee.You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme at www.sto-garant.nl/en/downloads.

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